About Us

Mangleshwar Mahadev Mandir Trust is a religious & charity organization, established to serve humanity. This organization aim to serve people by solving their problems & lead towards the path of progress & to develop public spirit in the people. The Trust is established to serve humanity irrespective of caste, or religion. This Trust was started in 2006 with the zeal to serve humanity by Shri Raichand Surana, Shri Suresh Gehlot, Shri Rajuram Gehlot, Shri Jasaram Deora, Shri Raju Malpani, Shri Badrinarayan Jangid and Shri Ashok Gidwani.

Getting inspired by the social services by the Trust, the family of Late Shri Mangilal ji Gehlot (Navoda Bera), donated land at the base of Mangleshwar Mahadev temple to the Trust setting up a great example of their devotion towards society & humanity as whole.

Mangleshwar Mahadev Trust has taken up task to build a hitech hospital on this land which is located on the main highway road to Jodhpur. This hospital will be helpful to the localities, dhaanis & people living far from city & within the city. The Mangleshwar Mahadev Hospital would be of 6-7 storey building having all the latest facilities and expert team of doctors and surgeons. We would avail all the medical testing facilities with advanced hitech machines & equipments at the lowest possible cost to help in the treatment of poor people to save their life.

The proposed plan of hospital was announced by Sant Shri Rajaramji & Sant Shri Kriparam ji in a 9 day Shiv Mahapuran aayojan, in 2011, in the temple courtyard. With the support and contribution by so many donors we have already started the construction work of the hospital which is going on at fast pace.

The construction work of the hospital is going on under the supervision of Dr. Chhel Singh Gehlot & Shri Ajeetraj Golechha. We will have management team to manage the arrangements & working of the hospital, comprising a team of Trustees, Contributors and Doctors, whose appointment will be made as per the constitution of the Trust.

We will appoint experienced and expert doctors & nursing staff in the hospital. To maintain 24 hour facility we will provide residential facility to the doctors, nursing & other staff in the hospital. We will also build a separate ‘Dharmshala’ for the few relatives of the patients to stay for their treatment. We would also have blood bank facility in the hospital.

We humbly request all those who are little responsible towards society and want to serve the humanity, join us in this great mission by contributing as per your wish, your every little contribution is valuable to us and will be of great help to the poor people in long run.

Donations to Mangleshwar Mahadev Trust are eligible for 100% tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.