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Mangleshwar Mahadev Trust is building a charitable hospital Mangleshwar Mahadev Hospital at 9 Mile, Jodhpur. This hospital will serve all the poor people without any descrimination on their caste or religion. There will be no owner of this hospital & it will run and will be managed by Mangleshwar Mahadev Trust only. This hospital will run without generating any income or profit, nor any Trustee will utilize its money to run the Trust. The whole money will be utilized for the hospital only.

This hospital will be helpful to the people from localities & dhaanis located far from the city & also from the city. The Mangleshwar Mahadev Hospital would be of 6-7 storey building having all the latest facilities and expert team of doctors and surgeons. We would avail all the medical testing facilities with advanced hitech machines & equipments at the lowest possible cost to help in the treatment of poor people to save their life.
Our New Project

Proposed new Hospital for Free treatment of Poor People